Hermann Hesse, German-Swiss poet, novelist, and painter, born

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July 2, 1877
Radio Educación

Radio Educación, México

From CONACULTA (Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes), this site showcases authentic audio materials on cultural and educational news from Mexico (México). Advanced intermediate through advanced students.

A pinata

Posadas and Other Traditions of Mexico

From Dirección General de Culturas Populares, a section of a larger site focusing on holidays celebrated in Mexico and their wider significance. Intermediate through advanced students.

Swimming at Simpson Playground, 1975


Search two million photographs from the massive Philadelphia Archives for iconic and historical images of the city that reveal its history and culture from the Gilded Age and beyond. App for iPhone funded in part by NEH.

EducarChile - Nuestro Chile

Nuestro Chile

Writings, heroes, history from Educarchile (portal educativo chileno). The site surveys the history, literature, and cultures of Chile. Intermediate through advanced students.

Backstreets of Oaxaca, pastel by Pearl Lau, NEH Participant, 2010


Virtual_Oaxaca is a virtual representation of Oaxaca, the city, surrounding archeological sites, and arts communities. Created by teachers in an NEH-funded Summer Institute. Plan a lesson, watch a video, and peek at Oaxaca on Second Life. More to come!

Museo del Prado

Museo Nacional del Prado Audio Guides

Introduction and access to children’s audio tours as a fun way to learn about the masterpieces of the museum’s rich collections. Intermediate through advanced students.

SEXTO DE PRIMARIA — Educación Artística

Libro de Texto de SEXTO DE PRIMARIA — Educación Artística

From the Secretaría de Educación Pública (México), a searchable and downloadable online textbook on art education, including visuals, photographs, vocabulary words, analyses of works of art and art appreciation. Intermediate through advanced students.

Historias del cielo. La astronomía a través de los mitos. Tercer Premio.

Historias del cielo. La astronomía a través de los mitos

From the Ministerio de Educación de España, Instituto de Tecnologías Educativas, a site on astronomy and the mythology of the heavens, with music and readings on figures of Greek mythology, the stars, and constellations. Intermediate through advanced students.

Azucar - The Life and Music of Celia Cruz

¡Azúcar! The Life and Music of Celia Cruz

Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History, showcases the life and art of Cuban-born Pop singer, Celia Cruz, with documents, photographs, and video and audio clips of her performances. Intermediate students.