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“The humanities are…the world's best hope”

LBJ signing NEH and NEA into existence, 1965
Did you ever wonder what the “humanities” are?Did you realize that the federal government provides financial support for the humanities?Did you know that this support is only fifty years old?On Tuesday, September 29, the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)—the independent federal agency dedicated to supporting the humanities—will begin the yearlong celebration of its 50th anniversary.  What are the humanities?If we look at the enabling legislation for NEH we find this helpful statement:Read More »
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The Birth of Close Reading

Cleanth Brooks and Robert Penn Warren, photograph by William Ferris
“If poetry is worth teaching, it is worth teaching as poetry.”—Cleanth Brooks and Robert Penn WarrenRecently Catherine Gewertz* in Education Week reported on the problems school districts are having finding appropriate Common-Core instructional materials. Some large districts have purchased million dollar ready-made curricula; others have decided against doing so after reviewing the quality of the publishers’ offerings. Still other districts are undertaking the mammoth task of creating their own materials.Read More »
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