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“City of Immigrants”: An Educational Game for Women’s History Month

Lena Brodsky of the Mission US 4 game
This last game works well with the scope and sequence in most high schools. … The cool thing is their Educators page … a variety of materials support use of the missions by teachers, including overview and background information, standards alignments, activities, and primary sources, plus videos of teachers using Mission US with their students. It’s the videos that I think are especially powerful—giving you a chance to see what this looks like in practice.Read More »
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Beyond Mirror Mirror, what is the appeal of fairytales for Generation Z?

Vasilisa the Beautiful at the Hut of Baba Yaga by Ivan BilibinRead More »

How popular is Emily Dickinson's Poetry with your students?

As we wind down National Poetry Month, I was wondering how your students are experiencing the poetry of Emily Dickinson? Do they find her 19th-century voice speaks to their concerns in the 21st century? Is her poetry pertinent today or do they consider it a quaint throw back to an earlier era? How do you approach the challenge of teaching Dickinson's unique style of verse?Here are couple of new features from EDSITEment that may open additional dimensions to the study of Emily Dickinson:Read More »

PBS en el aula hispanoparlante/PBS in the Spanish-speaking Classroom

PBS crea excelentes recursos que pueden ser utilizados en la enseñanza del castellano o de la cultura o herencia hispana, para diferentes edades o diferentes niveles de habilidad en la lengua castellana. Aquí aparecen varios recursos que bien pueden ser útiles para docentes que visiten o bien, se anexen a nuestro grupo.Read More »