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Beatrix Potter: author for the elementary set

Beatrix Potter with father and brother, 1894
“College and career readiness begins in the primary grades. With the right tools, we can build close reading skills even with our youngest readers.”—Nancy Boyles, graduate reading program coordinator for Southern Connecticut State UniversityRead More »
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Getting to "The Heart of the Matter" with EDSITEment

The humanities and social sciences are not merely elective, nor are they elite or elitist. … They are critical to our pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness, as described by our nation’s founders. —The Heart of the Matter ReportIt sometimes seems that the education community’s emphasis on STEM and the utilitarian case for a college education has not only left the humanities without a place at the education table but has pushed them out the door where they stand shivering in the cold!Read More »
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ISTE13, or What Happens When Common Core Standards meets Digital Citizenship?

The 13th Annual International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE13) Conference, which met in San Antonio, Texas, last week had some staggering statistics: 20,000 registered attendees, 500 companies in the exhibition hall, hundreds of sessions, thousands of interactions and conversations. So I’m going to have to be selective and just mention a few sessions that seemed especially pertinent for Common Core teachers.Read More »
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Summer Reading for Teachers: Staircase to College and Career Readiness

"Books are lighthouses erected in the great sea of time." E.P. WhippleRead More »