October 14

Poet e e cummings is born

October 14, 1894

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  • Recognizing Similes: Fast as a Whip
    Lesson Plan / Literature & Language Arts
    Recognizing Similes: Fast as a Whip

    Similes are used often in literature, appearing in every genre from poetry to prose and from epics to essays. Utilized by writers to bring their literary imagery to life, similes are an important component of reading closely and appreciating literature.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower born

October 14, 1890

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    Lesson 3: The Rise and Fall of Joseph McCarthy

    A freshman senator from Wisconsin, Joseph R. McCarthy, shocked the country in 1950 when he claimed to possess evidence that significant numbers of communists continued to hold positions of influence in the State Department. In this lesson students will learn about McCarthy's crusade against communism, from his bombshell pronouncements in 1950 to his ultimate censure and disgrace in 1954.

Martin Luther King, Jr. wins Nobel Peace Prize

October 14, 1964

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Senator John F. Kennedy proposes formation of Peace Corps

October 14, 1960

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