November 27

LBJ gives “Let Us Continue” speech

November 27, 1963

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Horace, Roman poet, dies in 8 BCE

November 27, 8

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  • Seeing Sense in Photographs & Poems
    Lesson Plan / Art & Culture
    Seeing Sense in Photographs & Poems

    Through close study of Alfred Stieglitz’ 1907 photograph "The Steerage" and William Carlos William's 1962 poem "Danse Russe," students will explore how poetry can be, in Plutarch’s words, "a speaking picture," and a painting (or in this case a photograph) can be "a silent poetry."

Pope Urban II proclaims First Crusade at Council of Clermont

November 27, 1095

American playwright Eugene O’Neill dies

November 23, 1953