September 2

Japan Surrenders

September 2, 1945

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  • Lesson 4: Victory in the Pacific, 1943–1945
    Lesson Plan / History & Social Studies
    Lesson 4: Victory in the Pacific, 1943–1945

    The U.S. victory over the Japanese Navy at Midway succeeded in stopping the Axis advance in the Pacific, and by early 1943 the Marines had driven the Japanese from Guadalcanal. This lesson will guide students through the military campaigns of the Pacific theater, tracing the path of the Allied offensives.

Romare Bearden, American artist, is born (ca. 1911)

September 2, 1911

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    Romare Bearden's "The Dove"—A Meeting of Vision and Sound: Interactive

    By examining The Dove by artist Romare Bearden, students will learn to appreciate the artistic and intellectual achievement of Black artists in America in the first half of the 20th century. By listening to music, students will see how art and music intersect to tell us a story. They will relate that story to their own lives.