August 24

British capture and burn Washington after Battle of Bladensburg

August 24, 1814

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Congress passes Communist Control Act

August 24, 1954

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    Lesson Plan / History & Social Studies
    Lesson 3: The Rise and Fall of Joseph McCarthy

    A freshman senator from Wisconsin, Joseph R. McCarthy, shocked the country in 1950 when he claimed to possess evidence that significant numbers of communists continued to hold positions of influence in the State Department. In this lesson students will learn about McCarthy's crusade against communism, from his bombshell pronouncements in 1950 to his ultimate censure and disgrace in 1954.

Mount Vesuvius erupts, burying Pompeii

August 24, 79 CE

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    In Old Pompeii

    A virtual field trip to the ruins of Pompeii. In this lesson, students learn about everyday life, art and culture in ancient Roman times, then display their knowledge by creating a travelogue to attract visitors to the site. They can also write an account of their field trip modeled on a description of Pompeii written by Mark Twain.


Dolley Madison saves Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington

August 24, 1814