August 20

Newly formed National Labor Union calls on Congress to mandate eight-hour workday

August 20, 1866

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President Lyndon B. Johnson signed Economic Opportunity Act in a step toward fighting “War on Poverty”

August 20, 1964

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Edgar Guest, poet and journalist, born

August 20, 1881

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  • Poetry of The Great War: ‘From Darkness to Light’?
    Lesson Plan / History & Social Studies
    Poetry of The Great War: ‘From Darkness to Light’?

    The historian and literary critic Paul Fussell has noted in The Great War and Modern Memory that, "Dawn has never recovered from what the Great War did to it." With dawn as a common symbol in poetry, it is no wonder that, like a new understanding of dawn itself, a comprehensive body of "World War I Poetry" emerged from the trenches as well.