March 18

Parliament repeals Stamp Act

March 18, 1766

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National Quilting Day

March 18, 2017

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  • Stories in Quilts
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    Stories in Quilts

    Quilts can be works of art as well as stories through pictures. They also tell a story about their creators and about the historical and cultural context of their creation through the choices made in design, material, and content.

Wilfred Owen, British poet and WWI soldier, born

March 18, 1893

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    Poetry of The Great War: ‘From Darkness to Light’?

    The historian and literary critic Paul Fussell has noted in The Great War and Modern Memory that, "Dawn has never recovered from what the Great War did to it." With dawn as a common symbol in poetry, it is no wonder that, like a new understanding of dawn itself, a comprehensive body of "World War I Poetry" emerged from the trenches as well.