Bon Voyage! A Trip to Asia (K–5)

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First stop, China!

Your first destination will be Asia's most populous country, China! Complete the map of China by printing it out and putting all the region names in the right places, and then answer the questions below.

Go to:

  • How many regions of China are represented in this map?
  • Which regions are on the coast?
  • Which regions are in the mountains?


Japan, Here we come!

Your next destination is the island nation of Japan. Fly across the sea of Japan to the capital city of Tokyo, where you will be learning about the traditional art of origami.

Go to:

  • AskAsia and look for the Origami bunny
  • Be sure to read the brief description of origami on the opening page. Then follow the instructions to create your own origami bunny!
  • What does "origami" mean in Japanese?
  • What is Hina Matsuri?


On to Korea!

Jump back across the sea of Japan to the country of Korea, where you will take a quick trip into a Korean kitchen.

Go to:


Then on to India!

Fly across the continent to the South Asian country of India. This country has more than one billion people and is one of the most culturally diverse nations on earth.

Go to:

  • AskAsia and search among the maps and drawings for the answers to the following questions:
  • How many states are there in India?
  • What is the name of the currency in India, and what animal appears on the banknotes?

Over to Thailand!

Now head for Southeast Asia where you will visit Thailand!

Go to:


Choose your own destination!

Now you can finish up your trip with a chance to visit the Asian destination of your choice!

Go to:

  • AskAsia photographs page
  • On the right side of the page you will see links to photographs from several countries: Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, South India, Laos, and Sri Lanka. Choose one of these countries. Look through the list of photographs for that country and write down as much information about what you see as you can find. For example, what do the photographs tell you about religion in that country? Or farming? Or transportation?
  • Next, find the country on one of the maps available from AskAsia.
  • Now that you have virtually visited your final destination, write a virtual postcard home describing the country you have "visited." Try to give a description of everything you have seen, beginning with where it is situated, that describes everything you have learned from the photographs.