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What Makes the Declaration Foundational?

One of the more thought provoking of the Common Core State Standards, and at the same time, one that may give ELA teachers some anxiety is:Read More »
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More EDSITEment U.S. History Student Interactives: Spanish-American War through Cold War

Detail from: Map of D-Day Invasion of Normandy interactive
Did you know that EDSITEment’s lesson plans are rich in engaging student activities that can be used in a variety of contexts? Here’s the second post dedicated to our U.S. History interactives, with role-playing activities, timelines, and maps for teaching history up to and including the Cold War.The Spanish–American War: Web QuestRead More »
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Forge of Innovation: The Springfield Armory and the Genesis of American Industry

Bird’s eye view of Holyoke, Massachusetts, 1877
The U.S. Armory at Springfield first brought the tantalizing power of interchangeable parts to reality in the 1840s. In consequence, the Connecticut River Valley became the hub of innovation in precision manufacturing. At the start of the Civil War, the Armory and its network of suppliers rapidly boosted production of muskets from 3,000 per month to 30,000.Read More »
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