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The Pilgrims are Coming! The Puritans are Coming!

Poster from American Experience: The Pilgrims
On Tuesday, November 24, and again on Thanksgiving night, the long-running PBS series American Experience will broadcast The Pilgrims.Read More »
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Celebrating the Language of Place in Hopi Culture

Image Hopi planting corn
In my culture, we sing songs to show our happiness…We believe that when we sing songs, we are sharing our feelings of happiness with nature. Since the corn plants are also our children, we sing to the corn, too. Our elders tell us that when we sing to our corn children, we make them happy. When they are happy, they grow better.I was also taught that wherever there is singing, there is life. So when songs are sung, they too are born, just like people.—Ramson Lomatewama, Hopi poetRead More »
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Sherwood Anderson’s Grotesques in “Winesburg, Ohio”

Leftover apples on a tree in winter
Though Winesburg accumulates external facts—streets, stores, town personalities—as it gropes along, its burden is a spiritual essence, a certain tart sweet taste to life as it passes in America’s lonely lamp lit homes. A nagging beauty lives amid this tame desolation; Anderson’s parade of yearning wraiths constitutes in sum a democratic plea for the failed, the neglected, and the stuck. —John Updike, “Twisted Apples,” Harpers Magazine, March 1984Read More »
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