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What I Learned Teaching APUSH 2014–2015 Part One

Waylon Lewallen is an APUSH teacher at Spring Hill High School, Hope, Arkansas.
As teachers around the nation begin their summer filled with professional and staff development, school improvement meetings, curriculum planning, as well as anxiously awaiting the results of the year’s standardized tests, one item (for many) tends to take precedent: How did my students fare on the Advanced Placement tests? For those of us who teach Advanced Placement United States History (APUSH), the doubts and worries go much deeper than test scores. It is: “Did I teach my students correctly according to the new APUSH redesign?”“Are we preparing correctly?”Read More »
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Sending out an SOS! Save Outdoor Sculpture!

Tom Otterness, Rockman statues, U.S. Courthouse, Minneapolis, MN. Photo, Carol M
Are you looking for something to do outdoors with your kids and/or students this summer?Check out the Save Outdoor Sculpture! (SOS!) Project.Read More »
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“Go Set a Watchman”: A Literary Landmark

July 14, 2015, literary history will be made. On this day publishing giants William Heinemann and HarperCollins are scheduled to release Harper Lee’s second novel, Go Set a Watchman.Read More »
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The Blue Humanities

We have come to know the sea as much through the humanities as through science. … The sea lurks in the imaginations of millions, if not billions, of people … forever in our dreams and nightmares, more now than at any time in history. — John R. GillisRead More »
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