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Ensure Your National History Day Students Learn from the Experts in 2015

Left: Lynne O’Hara, Director of Programs, NHD, right: Karen Kenton, Senior Progr
In just two weeks, the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and National History Day (NHD) are introducing the more than 600,000 students who participate in National History Day contests to prominent public historians in a series of NEH Google+ Hangouts.Read More »
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NEH Summer Programs: A Topic for Every Teacher

Victoria Sams is a senior program officer in the Division of Education Programs at NEH.Are you interested in learning more about the Underground Railroad, Native American cultures, or the history of the Spanish influenza epidemic of 1918? Enthused about discovering new information about American history through its music or its crafts to share with your students and colleagues? What about entering Dante’s world through a close study of his works and their influence?Read More »
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Gilder Lehrman’s Online Courses Ask: How Has the American South Evolved and the Cold War Shaped the World?

Bingham, George C. (1811-1879), "Stump Speaking," 1856
Since 2012, Gilder Lehrman’s Online Courses have offered educators far and wide the chance to pursue on their own schedules graduate study with distinguished scholars, enrolling 1,068 participants in 46 states and four continents to date.Read More »
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NCSS Boston 2014: On the Civic Mission of the Schools

On November 20 an NEH colleague and I flew into Boston’s Logan Airport to attend the 94th annual meeting of the National Council for Social Studies. NCSS is the largest association of social studies teachers and curriculum developers in the world and this year’s conference brought together 4,357 teachers and administrators, making it the third largest conference in the organization’s history.Read More »
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“A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens: A Seasonal Classic

The world's first commercially produced Christmas card, made by Henry Cole 1843.
In October 1843, Charles Dickens began writing one of his most popular and best-loved books, A Christmas Carol. Six weeks later it was finished and readied for publication that December. It won instant popularity with the reading public and continues to be a staple of holiday productions with adaptions for theatre, film, television, radio, and opera performed annually.Read More »
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