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More EDSITEment U.S. History Student Interactives: Spanish-American War through Cold War

Did you know that EDSITEment’s lesson plans are rich in engaging student activities that can be used in a variety of contexts? Here’s the second post dedicated to our U.S. History interactives, with role-playing activities, timelines, and maps for teaching history up to and including the Cold War.

The Spanish–American War: Web Quest

Role-play interactive in which students take on the various roles of magazine journalists and research both sides of war in order to determine if the nickname "the splendid little war" was justified and to consider how this one war changed American diplomacy forever.

America on the Sidelines: The United States and World Affairs, 1931–1941

Interactive timeline designed to illustrate the U.S. response to crises in Europe and East Asia during the years 1931–1941.

World War II Diplomacy: Europe through the Course of the War

Interactive map showing the shifting territorial gains, losses, and shifting alliances from June 1941 to February 1945.

North Africa and Southern Europe Map

Interactive map tracing the progress of the Allied troops in North Africa and Southern Europe.

Interactive Map with D-Day Invasion of Normandy

Interactive map showing students the locations of major events that took place during WWII in Europe.

Cold War Europe

Interactive map showing the sequence of events in Europe during the early years of the Cold War, as well as their geographic locations.

Cuban Missile Crisis

Role-play interactive that puts the student in the place of President Kennedy. Students decide among several options for responding to the presence of Soviet missiles in Cuba.

Anticommunism in Postwar America: Interactive Timeline of the early Cold War Years

Interactive timeline examining the various events and ideas that defined Cold War.