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Back to School with Resources

Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire. —William Butler Yeats 

As you prepare to open your classroom this fall discover new ways to ignite your students’ imaginations and critical thinking with two new Back to School features from EDSITEment:

Literature and Language Resources for the Common Core offers a bevy of secondary-level American and World Literature units to increase ELA literacy. Each promises to guide your students through close readings of classic stories, dramatic works, and poems that answer the Common Core State Standards requirements. These texts exemplify the rigor and depth necessary to progress toward college and career readiness at that grade level.  

  • American Literature contains classic stories, drama and poetry and art by American authors and artists who capture the language of place and render the ethos of their time.
  • World Literature offers literary works by a wide variety of writers and poets who represent cultures across the globe—Africa, Central and South America, Russia, Ireland and Britain—as well as ancient Rome.

History/Social Studies Resources for the Common Core provides a series of secondary-level lessons built around

  • key founding documents of the American Republic,
  • stories of how African Americans crafted freedom for themselves and their people before the Civil War,
  • how to use Chronicing America to teach about the U.S. entry into World War One.

All of these lessons help teachers grapple with the Common Core State Standards requirements. In addition, we are launching a section for

  •  Philosophy with a new series of close readings on key texts in the history of philosophy.

These resource lists contain new curriculum units, lesson plans, features and student resources that have been designed to assist middle and high school teachers to respond to the CCSS requirements and the ELA/Literacy assessments. Each new resource aligns to an ELA Anchor Standard for College and Career Readiness as well as the corresponding literacies standards in Reading, Language and Writing or History/Social Studies at a given grade level. 

EDSITEment’s new educational resources for the Common Core are centered on classic fictional works (stories, drama, and poetry), as well as a variety of “informational texts” (literary nonfiction, speeches, founding documents of the American republic, and philosophical works.) They are designed to build interdisciplinary knowledge and exercise analytic skills across the curriculum in English Language Arts as well as in Social Studies/History.

Many of these EDSITEment resources highlight one or more of the Common Core “exemplar texts.” Exemplars are listed in the CCSS Appendix B and are provided as suggested examples—guideposts which exemplify the type of rigorous texts that teachers may want to select to teach at their grade level.

Tap into these challenging lesson activities and open links to related EDSITEment-reviewed websites for new ways to unlock these texts and engage your students. In addition to formative and summative assessments which offer as variety of writing activities to evaluate student learning, you'll find each resource may include the following:

EDSITEment’s Reference Shelf Teachers' Quick Reference Indexes offer additional resources:

Find strategies galore in support of your CCSS curriculum as you seek to move your students through the 2015 academic year and assess their progress as they make their way along the path to college and career readiness.