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Writing Tips from Young Winston Churchill

Three great writers were born on Nov. 30: Jonathan Swift, Mark Twain and Winston Churchill . Of these Churchill is probably least known or taught to contemporary American students. Yet of these three, Churchill may have the most to teach about how to write effectively, and to make a good speech.

After all he was not only Prime Minister of Great Britain during World War II, he was also the author of more than forty books of biography, history, essays and speeches, and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature.

So when we found out that as a young man he wrote an essay about the elements of an effective speech, we were excited. Then we discovered that an AP English teacher had developed a series of lessons in which students not only read the essay but also apply Churchill's principles to his own great speeches during WWII.

So here's the essay and the lesson plans. Do tell us what you think of them

The Scaffolding of Rhetoric

Lessons on the Scaffolding of Rhetoric