Closer Readings Commentary

Hello from EDSITEment and a Recommened Resource

Dear Teachers

EDSITEment is one of the Thinkfinity partners. Our parent agency is the National Endowment for the Humanities. We cover all the humanities subjects taught in K-12 such as history, literature, art and culture, foreign languages, etc. Many of our lessons are high school and AP level.

We are especially strong in US history, American lit and culture but we do it all British, World literature and culture, and World History.

We provide lesson plans based on common core standards, rich in primary sources, with student interactives which reinforce the lessons, and vetted websites. This last feature, includes hundreds of teacher approved sites which are perfect to send your students to (as well as yourselves) for good research.

One item I would like to bring to your attention is this guide to how to read critically developed by the Harvard University Librarians.

This is indispensable for any of your students who are planning to go to college. They really need to learn these techniques.