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Call for Website Nominations

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Art & Culture

Uncle Tom's Cabin & American Culture

This website from the University of Virginia presents a vast multimedia archive of primary material, 1830 to 1930, organized around Harriet Beecher Stowe's seminal work. Educators should preview the material, particularly the various representations of race and slavery in the archive, to determine what is appropriate for use in their own classroom discussion.

History & Social Studies
<a href="/websites/united-states-holocaust-memorial-museum">United States Holocaust Memorial Museum</a>

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Straightforward access to the museum's archives, including photographs, transcripts of lectures, and guidelines for teaching about the Holocaust.

History & Social Studies

United States Senate

The official website of the United States Senate.

Art & Culture
<a href="/websites/universal-leonardo-leonardo-da-vinci-online">Universal Leonardo: Leonardo da Vinci Online</a>

Universal Leonardo: Leonardo da Vinci Online

Games, resources, and exhibitions dedicated to uncovering da Vinci’s life and thoughts.

Art & Culture

University of Washington Libraries Digital Collection

This site features photographs, primary source documents, and audio/video resources focused on the humanities, natural sciences, and regional cultures of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

History & Social Studies

Valley of the Shadow

Multimedia resources bring to life two communities divided by Civil War.