• Holocaust and Resistance

    Created September 26, 2010
    Holocaust: Concentration Camp Inmate

    In this lesson, students reflect on the Holocaust from the point of view of those who actively resisted Nazi persecution. Weigh the choices faced by those for whom resistance seemed both futile and the essence of survival.

  • Holocaust and Resistance: The Faces of Resistance

    Created September 26, 2010
  • Galileo and the Inevitability of Ideas

    Created September 26, 2010
    Persian Astrolabe

    Test the arguments on both sides in the case that shook the foundations of faith and science.

  • Sodbusters!

    Created September 24, 2010

    Students examine photographs of sod houses, build a model sod house, and picture themselves living in a soddie to gain a firsthand perspective on this important period of American history.

  • Depression-Era Photographs: Worth a Thousand Words

    Created September 23, 2010
    Depression-Era Photographs: Woman at sowing machine

    Spend a day with a model American family and the photographer who molded our view of their lives.

  • Anne Frank: Writer

    Created September 23, 2010
    Anne Frank

    This lesson concentrates on Anne Frank as a writer. After a look at Anne Frank the adolescent, and a consideration of how the experiences of growing up shaped her composition of the Diary, students explore some of the writing techniques Anne invented for herself and practice those techniques with material drawn from their own lives.

  • Anne Frank: World War II in Europe

    Created September 23, 2010
  • Anne Frank: One of Hundreds of Thousands

    Created September 23, 2010
    Anne Frank

    Drawing upon the online archives of the U.S. Holocaust Museum, this lesson helps students to put the events described by Anne Frank into historical perspective, and also serves as a broad overview of the Nazi conquest of Europe during World War II. After surveying the experiences of various countries under Nazi occupation, the lesson ends with activities related specifically to the Netherlands and Anne Frank.

    Launchpad: Mexican Holidays

    Mexico and Its National Holidays


    Comparing El Grito de Dolores and Cinco de Mayo

    El Grito de Delores and Cinco de Mayo are Mexican holidays. Both commemorate battles fought by the Mexican people in the nineteenth century against European colonizers. El Grito de Delores, Mexico's Independence Day, commemorates the beginning of Mexico's war for independence against the Spanish in September, 1810. Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican victory in the Battle of Puebla against the French in May of 1862.

    Berlin Act—European powers partition Africa

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