Arm Reliquary from Treasures of Heaven exhibit

Treasures of Heaven

This website, based on the NEH-funded exhibit, explores the history of Christian saints and their relics through a variety of different digital tools and programs. Learn about exhibition objects through the cultural, geographical, and architectural environment for which they were originally created.

Elizabeth I of England ascends to throne

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November 17, 1558
Image of monastery in Mexico

When Worlds Collide

This PBS website looks at how the Old and New Worlds mixed after Columbus landed on Hispaniola in 1492. The 90-minute documentary and website trace milestone events during the 16th century and illustrates how both the New World and the Old were radically transformed by contact. The extensive resources for teachers and students include a timeline, scholarly essays and lesson plans.


  • The Victor's Virtue: A Cultural History of Sport

    Created November 9, 2010
    The Victor's Virtue: Pentathlon Scene

    Students may know that there are two components of a modern education that are closely associated with ancient Greek culture: philosophy and sports. To what extent does the role and value of sports in modern high schools resemble the role and value of sports in an ancient Greek education?

  • 300 Spartans: The Bridge Over the Hellespont

    Created October 8, 2010
  • 300 Spartans: Xerxes' March to Greece

    Created October 8, 2010
  • Where I Come From

    Created October 7, 2010
    Where I Come From: Statue of Liberty

    Students take research into their heritage a step beyond the construction of a family tree, traveling through cyberspace to find our what's happening in their ancestral homelands today.

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