Children and Youth in History

Children & Youth in History is a world history resource that provides teachers and students with access to sources about young people from the past to the present. Features teaching modules and primary source lessons.

Gudea of Lagash, ca. 2012 BCE

World History for Us All

World History for Us All is a powerful, innovative model curriculum for teaching world history in middle and high schools.

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Alaska History and Cultural Studies

Alaska's History and Cultural Studies provides students, teachers and others access to a rich source of facts and viewpoints about Alaska and its history. Six units cover important themes and historical periods with stories of the people, photographs, maps, oral history, letters, and other primary resources.

The Aztecs: Mighty Warriors of Mexico (Student Activity)

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Childe Hassam, flags of nations

Picturing America on Screen

Picturing America on Screen is an NEH-funded documentary film project produced by Channel 13, WNET, New York. A group of 25 films created by 9 talented directors presents a sampling of Picturing American art ranging from the mystery and beauty of Anasazi pottery to the sculptural poetry of contemporary artist Martin Puryear.

U.S. History Resources

The U.S. History Resources assists students and teachers in high school U.S. history courses. For some, the understanding of the "big picture" gets lost in the sheer volume of facts, dates, people, and movements. When this happens, history can become more of a memorization exercise than a thoughtful analysis of how and why things occurred. This site attempts to simplify American history without making it simplistic.

For All the World to See: Visual Culture and the Struggle for Civil Rights

Through a host of media—including photographs, television and film, magazines, newspapers, posters, books, and pamphlets—the project explores the historic role of visual culture in shaping, influencing, and transforming the fight for racial equality and justice in the United States from the late-1940s to the mid-1970s.

Afropop Worldwide

Afropop Worldwide — PRI

This PRI series explores the vast variety of music that has African roots or influences, including Francophone nations as well as many Caribbean and Latin American countries. The series includes webcasts.

Mexican poet Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz born

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December 2, 1648

The USS Washington seizes Amistad off Long Island coast

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August 26, 1839