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Student resources are interactive activities collected from around the Web. They can be used to support related lesson plans or as standalone activities in the classroom. Browse our library of student resources by grade level or subject area below.

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Art & Culture

The Whatnot Tree

Literature & Language Arts

The Magical World of Russian Fairy Tales: Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga Instructions
History & Social Studies

The Victor's Virtue: A Cultural History of Sport

Arguments and Evidence
Literature & Language Arts

Recognizing Similes: Fast as a Whip

History & Social Studies

Emily Dickinson and Poetic Imagination

Art & Culture

Showing your Dharma, Ramayana

The story of the Ramayana has been passed from generation to generation by numerous methods and media. Initially it was passed on orally as an epic poem that was sung to audiences by a bard, as it continues to be today. Over the centuries it has also been written down in numerous languages.