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One important goal of EDSITEment is to help educators integrate the Internet as a standard classroom resource. Once you tap into this seemingly boundless source of ideas, new experiences, and information, you will recognize that it holds a unique potential for inspiring real intellectual curiosity in your students and for stimulating multidimensional intellectual growth.

Tips for Better Browsing

Learn about bookmarking sites that interest you, taking advantage of plug-ins, double checking your URLs, and what to do when you receive a “File Not Found” error.

Standards Websites

Find standards websites for the English Language Arts, Geography, Social Studies, Arts Education, Foreign Language, and Civics and Government.


Explore useful glossaries – including a literary glossary – developed by the team at EDSITEment.

EDSITEment Image Gallery

Explore America's history through America's art in EDSITEment's Picturing America Image Gallery.


Explore the EDSITEment Book Nook and Reference Room. Analysis of written materials can help students interpret events and human interaction and expressions.


Explore EDSITEment's map resources. Analysis of maps, pictures, and other visual representations can help students to better understand people, places, environments, and cultures.

Thinkfinity Community

If you're an educator, parent, or anyone thinking about education, the Thinkfinity Community can help you.

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These quick reference indexes consolidate links to content for various teaching constituencies.


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