• Scripting the Past: Exploring Women's History Through Film

    Created September 27, 2010
    Scripting the Past: scripting.jpg

    Students employ the screenwriter's craft to gain a fresh perspective on notable women in American history.

  • Remember the Ladies: The First Ladies

    Created September 27, 2010
    Remember the Ladies: Abigail Adams

    Explore the ways in which First Ladies were able to shape the world while dealing with the expectations placed on them as women and as partners of powerful men.

  • Davy Crockett, Tall Tales, and History

    Created September 25, 2010
    Davy Crockett: Portrait

    Using the life of Davy Crockett as a model, students learn the characteristics of tall tales and how these stories reflect their historical moment. The lesson culminates with students writing a tall tale of their own.

  • On the Oregon Trail

    Created September 24, 2010
    On the Oregon Trail: oregon02

    Work with primary documents and latter-day photographs to recapture the experience of traveling on the Oregon Trail.

  • Anne Frank: Writer

    Created September 23, 2010
    Anne Frank

    This lesson concentrates on Anne Frank as a writer. After a look at Anne Frank the adolescent, and a consideration of how the experiences of growing up shaped her composition of the Diary, students explore some of the writing techniques Anne invented for herself and practice those techniques with material drawn from their own lives.

  • Anne Frank: One of Hundreds of Thousands

    Created September 23, 2010
    Anne Frank

    Drawing upon the online archives of the U.S. Holocaust Museum, this lesson helps students to put the events described by Anne Frank into historical perspective, and also serves as a broad overview of the Nazi conquest of Europe during World War II. After surveying the experiences of various countries under Nazi occupation, the lesson ends with activities related specifically to the Netherlands and Anne Frank.

  • Anne Frank: World War II in Europe

    Created September 23, 2010
  • Launchpad: Picturing Lincoln

    Created August 31, 2010

    Frederick Douglass, abolitionist adopted birthday because his mother referred to him as my “little valentine”

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