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Young American Heroes: True Stories of Young People in U.S. History

Young American Heroes tells stories of ordinary young people who have done extraordinary things in American history. Television programs featuring these young heroes can also be viewed here. The website enables visitors to add to these stories using  video, graphic novel, and other tools. The graphic novel versions of the stories are freely available for downloading, reading on screen, or printing out. The site also features selected videos, graphic novels, and other story materials that other users have created.

Great Chicago Stories

This website from the Chicago History Museum and the NEH is a suite of twelve powerful historical fiction narratives and supporting educational materials inspired by artifacts in the collection of the museum. This award-winning resource for elementary and high school students can support and enhance classroom instruction as well as make valuable connections for students both pre- and post-field trip to the museum. Great Chicago Stories explores key themes of place, identity, and contested space while making local, regional, and national connections.

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Picturing U.S. History

Picturing United States History, an NEH-funded project is based on the belief that visual materials are vital to understanding the American past. The website provides online "Lessons in Looking," a guide to Web resources, forums, essays, reviews, and classroom activities to help teachers incorporate visual evidence into the classroom. The site also serves as a clearing house for incorporating visual documents into their U.S. history, American studies, literature, and other humanities courses.

Reference Shelf

U.S. State and Territory Online Encyclopedias

This collection of free, authoritative source information about the history, politics, geography, and culture of the states of Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, The Great Plains states, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington State and West Virginia and the territories of Puerto Rico and Guam; updated regularly to ensure that they are accurate and accessible.

Over 2,000 residents of Johnstown, PA, die in a massive flood

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May 31, 1889
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U.S. State and Territory Online Encyclopedias

This collection of free, authoritative source information about the history, politics, geography, and culture of some of the states and the territories.

Image from Sitting Bull (Tatanka Iotake) segment

On Being (formerly Speaking of Faith)

With NEH funding, the long running NPR program On Being (formerly called Speaking of Faith) has produced a series of biographical programs of influential 20th-century historic figures: Sister Aimee Semple McPherson, Takanka Iyotaka (Sitting Bull), Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Joshua Heschel, and Reinhold Niebuhr. These portraits focus on their lives and thought, their spiritual development, the effect of their work on others, and their impact in contemporary society — bringing special attention to their religious context and milieu.

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York

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March 25, 1911

Constitution Day

Reading the Constitution

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What better way to celebrate this important document, its place within our society and throughout our history, than to closely investigate the words and ideas contained in it. Unlike more recent constitutions, the document is written in the language of ordinary people and is only a few pages.

Jack London, American author, journalist, and social activist, is born

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January 12, 1876