Portrait of Lincoln from Crossroads game

Abraham Lincoln at the Crossroads

Abraham Lincoln’s Crossroads is an educational game based on the NEH supported traveling exhibition Lincoln: The Constitution & the Civil War, which debuted at the National Constitution Center in June 2005. The online game is intended for advanced middle- and high-school students. It invites them to learn about Lincoln’s leadership by exploring the political choices he made. An animated Lincoln introduces a situation, asks for advice and prompts players to decide the issue for themselves, before learning the actual outcome. At the end of the game, players discover how frequently they predicted Lincoln’s actions. A Resources Page keyed to each chapter provides links to relevant Websites and EDSITEment lessson plans on Lincoln and the Civil War, permitting students to explore issues in more depth.

When Worlds Collide

This PBS website looks at how the Old and New Worlds mixed after Columbus landed on Hispaniola in 1492. The 90-minute documentary and website trace milestone events during the 16th century and illustrates how both the New World and the Old were radically transformed by contact. The extensive resources for teachers and students include a timeline, scholarly essays and lesson plans

Great Chicago Stories

This website from the Chicago History Museum and the NEH is a suite of twelve powerful historical fiction narratives and supporting educational materials inspired by artifacts in the collection of the museum. This award-winning resource for elementary and high school students can support and enhance classroom instruction as well as make valuable connections for students both pre- and post-field trip to the museum. Great Chicago Stories explores key themes of place, identity, and contested space while making local, regional, and national connections.

Thurgood Marshall Before the Court

NEH funded NPR radio program on Thurgood Marshall Before the Court. Best known as the first African American on the U.S. Supreme Court, Marshall's earlier work as a civil rights lawyer changed history and is the focus of this podcast and website.

brydance detail

Picturing U.S. History

Picturing United States History, an NEH-funded project is based on the belief that visual materials are vital to understanding the American past. The website provides online "Lessons in Looking," a guide to Web resources, forums, essays, reviews, and classroom activities to help teachers incorporate visual evidence into the classroom. The site also serves as a clearing house for incorporating visual documents into their U.S. history, American studies, literature, and other humanities courses.

Author of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” novelist Harriet Beecher Stowe born

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Great Chicago Stories

Read historical fiction stories that illuminate Chicago's past. Use the Interactive History Map to look closer at artifacts from the collection of the Chicago History Museum and to explore locations throughout the city from each story. Build further on your experience with classroom activities.

Reference Shelf

U.S. State and Territory Online Encyclopedias

This collection of free, authoritative source information about the history, politics, geography, and culture of the states of Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia and the territories of Puerto Rico and Guam; updated regularly to ensure that they are accurate and accessible. The editors are continually adding new entries, photographs, and maps so check back frequently to see what's new. New states and territories will be added when they become available.

Niños 2010

Niños 2010: Centenario Revolución, Bicentenario Independencia

Created in honor of the Bicentennial of Independence and the Centennial of the Revolution in 2010, this site is a resource for teaching about the Mexican Revolution and Mexican Independence. Early intermediate and younger native-speaking students.

The Treaty of Ciudad Juárez peace treaty signed, concluding the initial phase of the Mexican Revolution

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