• The Victor's Virtue: A Cultural History of Sport

    Created November 9, 2010
    The Victor's Virtue: Pentathlon Scene

    Students may know that there are two components of a modern education that are closely associated with ancient Greek culture: philosophy and sports. To what extent does the role and value of sports in modern high schools resemble the role and value of sports in an ancient Greek education?

  • Chinua Achebe’s "Things Fall Apart": Oral and Literary Strategies

    Created October 13, 2010
    Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart: Oral and Literary Strategies

    Through close reading and textual analysis of Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe's 1958 novel about the British colonization of Nigeria, students learn how oral, linguistic, and literary strategies are used to present one’s own story and history through literature.

  • The Language Bank

    Created October 12, 2010
    The Language Bank

    Students practice reading, listening to, and writing in a foreign language by making Internet excursions to foreign language websites.

  • French Connections

    Created October 12, 2010
    French Connections

    Take a virtual tour of Paris, create an English language guide to French Internet resources, and compare journalistic practices in the United States and France.

  • The World of Haiku

    Created October 8, 2010
    The World of Haiku

    Explore the traditions and conventions of haiku and compare this classic form of Japanese poetry to a related genre of Japanese visual art.

  • Women in Africa: Tradition and Change

    Created October 7, 2010
    Women in Africa: Tradition and Change

    Examine the role of women in African society as represented in traditional artwork and post-colonial literature.

  • Egyptian Symbols and Figures: Scroll Paintings

    Created September 29, 2010
    Egyptian Symbols and Figures: Scroll Paintings: Book of the Dead

    This lesson introduces students to Egyptian art, culture, and history through the ancient tomb paintings and mythological figures of the Book of the Dead.

  • Egyptian Symbols and Figures: Hieroglyphs

    Created September 29, 2010
    Egyptian Symbols and Figures: Hieroglyphs

    Students will examine the art and history of ancient Egypt through the oldest writing system in the world. This lesson teaches students how to understand and write Egyptian hieroglyphs.

    World of Dante

    A multimedia research tool intended to facilitate the study of the Divine Comedy through a wide range of offerings. These include an encoded Italian text which allows for structured searches and analyses, an English translation, interactive maps, diagrams, music, a database, timeline and gallery of illustrations. Many of these features allow users to engage the poem dynamically through the integrated components of this site.