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"Al-Mizan" is the Arabic word for balance. This exhibition at the Museum of the History of Science at Oxford University explores the connections between the sciences and arts in Muslim societies.

Public Art in the Bronx

Public Art in the Bronx, a project of Lehman College Art Gallery/City University of New York, examines the rich collection of public art found in the borough. This site provides an overview of works in public places from the earliest created in the 19th century, those produced under the WPA, and those being produced today.

Great Books, Great Art

This website brings great works of art into the context of a broader liberal arts curriculum for teachers at all levels.

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Humanities magazine

The bimonthly magazine of the National Endowment for the Humanities feeds the minds of both you and your students. Sample articles about new projects, consult the calendar of nation-wide NEH-supported events, and join the conversation in "In Focus."

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Picturing America on Screen

Picturing America on Screen is an NEH-funded documentary film project produced by Channel 13, WNET, New York. A group of 25 films created by 9 talented directors presents a sampling of Picturing American art ranging from the mystery and beauty of Anasazi pottery to the sculptural poetry of contemporary artist Martin Puryear.

Modernist Journals Project

The MJP is a multi-faceted project that studies modernism and its rise in the English-speaking world, with periodical literature as its central concern. The project has a chronological range of 1890 to 1922 and a geographical range that includes wherever English language periodicals were published. The MJP also offers a range of genres that extends to the digital publication of books directly connected to modernist periodicals and other supporting materials for periodical study.

For All the World to See: Visual Culture and the Struggle for Civil Rights

Through a host of media—including photographs, television and film, magazines, newspapers, posters, books, and pamphlets—the project explores the historic role of visual culture in shaping, influencing, and transforming the fight for racial equality and justice in the United States from the late-1940s to the mid-1970s.

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Ancient Greeks/Modern Lives

Ancient Greeks/Modern Lives aims to inspire people to come together to read, see, and think about classical literature and how it continues to influence and invigorate American cultural life.

Afropop Worldwide

Afropop Worldwide — PRI

This PRI series explores the vast variety of music that has African roots or influences, including Francophone nations as well as many Caribbean and Latin American countries. The series includes webcasts.

National Hispanic Heritage Month

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