Dorothea Lange, American documentary photographer, is born

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May 26, 1895
Main altar reredos, Mission San Miguel (detail)

The 14th Colony: A California Missions Resource for Teachers

NEH Summer Landmark for School teachers, The Fourteenth Colony, collection of K-12 instructional resources include multimedia spanning Native Californians, Missions, Presidios and Pueblos of the Spanish, and Mexican and early American traditions and eras. Primary sources, maps, and images document the cultural and historical geography of the California missions.

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A Head Start on Picturing America

Developed in partnership with NEH to assist Head Start staff and parents share the world of art with children. Picturing America offers opportunities to address children’s school readiness, family literacy and parent involvement goals. The website includes a downloadable resource guide, creative activities, and a video of one Head Start program’s experience hosting an event designed to explore art and history in a fun, family-oriented way.

James McNeill Whistler's "Girl in White"

How to Make the Most of “James McNeill Whistler & The Case for Beauty” in the Classroom

“James McNeill Whistler & The Case for Beauty” is a treasure trove of information for the classroom on this pivotal American artist, tracing his life and development as an artist. Connect with a streaming version of the film, classroom resources aligned with Common Core and the new arts standards, and more.

James McNeill Whistler & the Case for Beauty

An NEH-funded PBS documentary by filmmaker Karen Thomas examines the life of the artist and the course of his career and supplies teachers and museum educators with lesson plan, videos, a time line, images, and more to learn about Whistler and his art. Connect with the streamed version of the film.

Sun, Moon, and Five Peaks, det.

Treasures of Korea: Arts and Culture of the Joseon Dynasty: 1392-1910

Celebrate the artistic achievements of the Joseon Dynasty, including ritual wares used in ancestral rites and Buddhist worship, with this exhibition website from the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Includes teaching resources and a family guide.

Italian Renaissance Learning Resources

In this free resource on Italian Renaissance Art from the National Gallery of Art and Grove Art Online, students can explore thematic essays, more than 340 images, and 42 primary source texts in eight different units with printable activity guides and discussion questions related to each unit.

Literatures, Religions, and Arts of the Himalayan Regions

The products of this NEH-funded Summer Institute for School Teachers offers a wealth of curricular plans and interactive ideas for the classroom. Topics cover a variety of disciplines: history, geography,  literature, religion, art, and environmental studies for every grade level.

Painter Vincent Van Gogh cuts off his ear

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December 23, 1888