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June 1, 1978
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Universal Leonardo: Leonardo da Vinci Online

Games, resources, and exhibitions dedicated to uncovering da Vinci’s life and thoughts.

Tate Online

Tate holds the national collection of British art from 1500 and of international modern art. All works can be found on this site, each with its own information page.

Smithsonian American Art Museum

The Smithsonian American Art Museum website is a colorful, comprehensive collection of over 3,000 of the museum's digitized works that includes an online calendar showcasing different artwork for each day of the month.

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National Gallery of Art

The site spans a wide variety of topics with in-depth studies, online tours, podcasts, and videos of artists, media, and movements from exhibits housed in the National Gallery of Art. Discover highlights of the National Gallery of Art collections with Your Art app for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Louvre Museum

Official site with "Eye-opener" and “Personal Space” features for in-depth and custom viewing of the Louvre's great collection.

Cleveland Museum of Art

The Cleveland Museum of Art permanent collection includes more than 36,000 objects. In this database you will find records for all of the objects in the collection.

  • Homer's Civil War Veteran: Battlefield to Wheat Field

    Winslow Homer (1836–1910), The Veteran in a New Field, 1865

    Students will compare and contrast Winslow Homer's painting The Veteran in a New Field with Timothy O'Sullivan's photograph A Harvest of Death, Gettysburg, 1863. Students will imagine what a returned Civil War veteran might think and remember as he tends his wheat fields back home. Students will read a Civil War soldier's diary excerpt prior to writing and acting out a monologue.

  • Benjamin Franklin's Many "Hats"

    Hiram Powers (1805–1873), Benjamin Franklin, 1862

    Ben Franklin, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and of the Constitution was also a philanthropist, a community leader, patriot, and Founding Father. This lesson plan exemplifies all our new country fought for in the Revolutionary War: individualism, democracy, community, patriotism, scientific inquiry and invention, and the rights of “We the People.”

  • Birth of a Nation, the NAACP, and the Balancing of Rights

    "Wherever it goes, the Birth of the Nation film arouses widespread indignation."

    In this lesson students learn how Birth of a Nation reflected and influenced racial attitudes, and they analyze and evaluate the efforts of the NAACP to prohibit showing of the film.